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Seal Rocks Land Based


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Hi all,

Got back after a 4 day trip up to seal rocks last week. Arrived last Sunday and there was swell and lots of white water. We were fishing of the point opposite the camping ground at SR.

Used unweighted dough and berleyed with bread crumbs. Also used peeled prawn on no. 8 longshank hooks with a running sinker rig.

Had an awsome time with 4 bream between 25 - 30cm. THis was fishing from dawn till 11am.

Next days were very quiet as swell and wind dropped off. Fished night and day and only caught some mullet. Still, it was a great trip and had a visit from some dolphins whilst on the rocks.

Locals at Forster reported tailor off the beaches and lots of blackfish in the lagoon. Also reports of dollies offshore but that was only hearsay.



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Guest fishrunner

Seal rocks, the last frontier,

god I love that place, spent alot of time there when I was younger,

Lots of good fishin there.

Well done Yaulpang.


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Guest Jocool

Its a nice area apparently. I have never been there, but my 6 man tent went. Never made it back! My brother took it, and decided it was no good cos it had 2 or 3 holes in it and it let water in. So he left it up there :thumbdown: Some guy walked up and said...Hey mate...you forgot your tent...My bro says...yeah...you can have it! The guy was rapt! :wacko:

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