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Murky Or Clear Water


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Hi guys,

i am a bit confused with regards to the water clarity when it comes to lures.

In a lot of the posts about soft plastics i read that you can see the fish below the boats etc.

In other info i read that the fish become very wary and hard to catch in clear water. (most of those reports pertained to bait fishing)

So how much difference does it make?? I have always assumed if the fish can see the bait/lure you have a better chance of catching it??



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As Pedro said, if the water is very clear (as we often get on Lake Mac when there is a few days of westerly winds). Then the tendancy for the fish to be agressive is very limited, it is almost if you can see the fish, don't bother trying to catch them! In the river or estuary it is always murky, just depends on how much rain/wash-off there is as to how murky it is, i am not sure what difference this has, as the fish that reside there have probably never seen clear water.


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