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Whats On This Weekend ? 27/28

Ken A

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Ok everyone it's that time of the week again :biggrin2:

What's the plans this weekend ?

Wetting a line or doing something else ?

Myself I'll be chucking a plastic at Flathead & having a throw for Whiting at some stage over the weekend in between packing :biggrin2:

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Guest madsmc

I will be out and about around lake macquarie over the weekend hunting some flathead on the sand flats, and whatever else may be swimming about. Got some new plastics last week so I'm keen to give them a try, especially the twitching nipper.

Best of luck to the raiders getting out for a fish over the weekend.



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I am looking forward to a weekend at home as I have been away the last 4 weekends...

Saturday will be a bit of house work and hopefully get out for a flick in the afternoon.

Sunday we have got a social game of soccer against the premier leauge girls that we have been training with all year. Should be fun then a bit of a BBQ and a few :beersmile:

Beefaman - I have worn a kilt to the last 2 weddings I have been to, both of my brothers, and we had a ball. The funniest party was when we stopped at Woombye Pub (Ken you shuld know where that is) to grab a few drinks. Some of the looks we got were priceless.

When ever some asks you what is worn under a kilt.. Say "Nothing its all in perfect working order"

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With the Rugby season over and after a few weekends otherwise occupied, the boat restoration will recommence.

I hope the weather is warm fiberglassing conditions.

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I have a few little tricks ready to go for the "kilt lifters"  :074:


There is a Scotish shop around Nambour somewhere. Cant remember exactly where it is. But they sell tartan boxer shorts with plastic ass cheeks which is always a good laugh.

Another good one. I was told was to wear a pair of frilly womens knickers. That will be sure to get you a few strange looks :1yikes:

Haven't tried the last one though....... well not that I will admit on here :1naughty:

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And here is the weekend again. :yahoo:

This 'arvo is "making berley time". :biggrin2:

I've got a freezer full of fish frames which I'm going to put through the wifes food processor, throw in some chook pellets, some dog food (darn dog doesn't like the latest dry food on offer), some tuna oil, some bread and that's my recipe for a bucket load of burley which I hope will attract some fish for Saturday.

Saturday I'm heading out early, 5.30am on the water :wacko: in Botany Bay and heading to Molineaux Point in a hope that there may be some trev's and other fishies still around. Probably see if the whiting and flatties are still around as well. :1fishing1:

I'll be in my mates 4.75 SeaJay bowrider so if you see us just throw a wave. :1clap: Doesn't matter if I don't know who you are as I seem to wave to just about anyone when on the water. :1prop::biggrin2:

Sunday, depends on the weather, more than likely I'll be doing yard work, 'gotta spray the fruit trees and roses. Darn aphids are showing there evil side already. :04:

Anyway, that's my weekend taken care of.

Have a good weekend Raiders. :thumbup:

cheers :beersmile:


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Got a Fresh to the Salt weekend planned. Trip up to Lyell with a couple of mates on Saturday to teach them the fine art of Trout Bashing, then the Ausbream Social Sunday.

Surely even I can put a fish in the boat over 2 days? :wacko:



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I am off on my fishing tour first thing on sunday morning. An early start but am as keen as mustard to start my steep learning curve.

Hope every one has a good weekend what ever thay are up to.


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I'm taking my uncle out in my new boat.. he needs to catch fish for his fishing club comp :1fishing1: Hopefully the fish in the bay will be as keen to eat as they were last weekend. :1naughty:

Time to pass on some knowledge to the elders for a change rather than them to us

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