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Fishing Off Coogee


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After not being able to get on to the water for a couple of weeks, was eager to go today (sunday 28th). made our way out into the bay where we spotted birds and splashes. After throwing raiders from 10g to 60g, SP and trolled minnows, the end result - nil. Guessing by the splashes and slurping they were most probably salmon, but boy were they finicky. headed out the heads, first spot the 40metre mark off cape banks. Here it was wall to wall nanagis, next moved to a reef off malabar in 80metres of water- dead!Then moved closer in on the sand and bagged 6 flathead all good size around the 1-1.5kg mark. getting annoyed by he small fatties moved to 4 mile reef off coogee for zilch.

After an hour of dead action made the course for home spotted a stack of birds under the cliffs but they were just sitting there- big disappointment.

all in all an average day in terms of fishing but still good to be on the water

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Guest bluecod
Here it was wall to wall nanagis,


:1welcomeani: ACZ - keep the posts coming - wall to wall nannygai ? I reckon one of the best y'fin live baits you'll get - skinned fillets are as sweet a flesh you'll get anywhere :thumbup:

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:1welcomeani: This is the good, no the great thing about this site ACZ, next time we find wall to wall Nannygai we will anchor for a while and get a dozen to skin, fillet and take home and if we ask nicely I bet the ever informative Bluecod will even tell us of the best method to cooking these tasty little sweet morsal's.

Thanks Bluecod I had no idea of their eating qualities, I new they were good baits for fin but other than that I just put them back.


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Yeh sorry about the typo, what i meant to say was wall to wall nannygai. First time ive ever encountered them so close to shore- about 1km off the cape- and so thick that they showed as a big dark mark on the sounder.

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