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Recommend A Reel For Me!


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This relates to my previous post re getting rod / reel refurbished

I am considering my options as far as getting my Shimano SP5000F reel serviced and fixing the drag, or just buying a new one. Reel to be used on Shimano 2 piece Aeroglass 10’ beach rod, which will have new guides fitted. I intend to use this rod for beach bait fishing and casting metals in the surf, along with a little bit of rock work. Target species Salmon, Tailor, Snapper etc. I was also thinking of 15lb line for this type of work and have a budget of up to $150, however would like to spend less! I would really appreciate input from you experienced blokes.



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Guest Jocool

I don't know if it would be worth fixing a rod like that mate. :wacko: May be worth your while talking to Mick R from Australian Bass Angler about a complete outfit.

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that question is best explained by your local tacle store owner... Go in have a chat, look at the options, play around with em', and then make a choice. The best advice that i can give is stick with reputable brands that gurantee thier products and you can't go wrong. Shimano and Daiwa being the best of em.

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