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Rippin It Up @ Lake St Clair


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Hi Guys :biggrin2:

It's been a while since I have had the time to actually do a bit of a post, so I thought I would head up to Lake St Clair with & do a bit of mandatory product testing & hopefully get a couple of pics.

During the drive up I was thinking through a couple of attack plans for the day, as you do. And I was actually thinking (or should that be fearing) that the bass would probally still be lurking in the depths in their usual winter pattern.

I found a lot of fish on the sounder that were suspended all over the place from top to bottom. When I finally got one slow rolling on a grass minnow in watermelon-pearl I noticed it hit it at only about 3 metres deep.

With this in mind, I thought I may as well give the edges a go.

So, to cut a long post short, with two of us on board we ended up landing 8 bass & to my surprise 3 yellowbelly that smacked the VT65's so hard they wouldv'e pulled any one of the bass backward, jeez they were really fired up. Sure shows spring is finally on us.

All fish including the yella's were taken on VT65's & VT55's

Anyways, Cheers,


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