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Best motor to fit on my Seafarer

Anthony Delaney

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I'm looking to update my 140 Suzuki on my Seafarer Viking. I'm thinking of 3 options 150 4 stroke Merc, 150 etec and 140 suzuki. My current suzuki has 280 hours and 6 months left on warranty so I figure now is best time to trade up. It has been faultless but am considering bigger or lighter options. All brands have pros and cons. I do under 100 hours per year so am thinking Etec this time to save on service costs. (Servicing the suzuki every 12 months costs around $600 - $700) My thoughts are will I regret going back from 4 stroke to 2 ?

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your boat will still need servicing every 12 months, unless your currently doing some things yourself
ie fuel filter replaced, prop off to check grease shaft etc

you just saving a impeller, plugs and sump oil but then have to buy oil

the 600 your paying now is not completely avoided by going to the etec

have to weigh up a lot of things

nearest dealer your willing to use

what weight does the boat like on the bum

after outright speed or economical cruising etc

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As Juggs mentioned, where is servicing more convenient?

Personally, I'd get another Suzuki , Honda or Yamaha over a Merc, timing chain on the Suzuki is a big plus.

Also, why do you feel you need to upgrade so soon? The Suzuki still has at least ten more very faithful years in her.

I'm not a fan of etec or two stroke but that's my opinion and I don't believe in only servicing every 3 years. If I had one donk on the boat, headed offshore regularly I will not wait 3 years for servicing, it will still get done once a year.

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Hi, personal preference (but my experience is that I have used and seen all brands and technologies-unlike most on here) is the V6 E-TEC. If indeed you decide to upgrade you are going to go from a 4 cylinder 4-Stroke to a Direct Injected V6 so performance, fuel usage and all round torque will be a big improvement. Typical the whole service thing is totally misunderstood and the FACTS are if you buy an E-TEC you can get a dealer to service it every month if you want to, but the point is to get the best 5 year FACTORY non declining warranty you do not have to get a dealer to service until 3 years-of course non matter what brand they all required home care before any service at a dealer, whether it is yearly or every three years. Yes the cost of oil needs to be factored in but again the TRUE facts are what an Evinrude is going to cost you every three years to service and oil is a lot less than any other brand. If you have not run a V6 E-TEC you can not understand how they run and perform so you should get a run in one and they do everything any 4-Stroke does-clean, quiet and fuel efficient but they go a lot better and do not have all these extra moving components.

You should price up the brands you prefer from a dealer you trust and then go for a run and make up your own mind. All brands are good today.



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