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PB Bonito Off the Rocks


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Hey guys

Hit up the eastern sub, not expecting anything (fishing 11-1pm). Had to pick up my daughter @ 2:30pm. Not much choice there.

A beautiful overcast condition, slightly breezy.

Pushing my luck, working the shallow divers and popper to see if i could entice the odd Kingy patrolling the ledge. To no avail. Switched to 30 grams Twisty for the last 15mins.

Persistent paid off.

I literally caught this monster on the last cast, after 1.5 hour non stop spinning my arm almost detached itself.

I would never expect to catch the odd Bonnie during the middle of the day. I normally work them out during sunrise and sunset.

Lucky i had my polarised glasses on, it was an awesome sight watching the bonnie cruising 2 meters directly along side the lure and about 1m sub surface, 15 odd meters away. With the final twitch of speed, 10 meters away the bonnie gave in and smacked the lure, like a speeding car merging lanes. Visually amazing. Something i will never forget for a long time.

Taken on 30 grams Halco Twisty.

A beautiful 63cm model.

Thanks for reading!


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Spykey halco twisties are a metal slug like the spanyid raiders and manics you get at the big w fishing section they sink like a rock but when you wind them in they flip and do like a wierd spin where it just looks like its tail end is flipping side to side like a fleeing baitfish that bonnie would have been like yess whitebait yumm and hit it. And as for your 2-4 kilo rod a 30 gram maybe a bit to heavy but should work well on metals up to 20 grams i have a 2-4 kg catana and it takes the 20s nicely

Thanks for the hint mate.

I got this one: http://www.fishingtackleshop.com.au/products/shimano-raider-mexican-fire-original-series-ii-762-finesse-bream-fishing-rod.html

Shimano Raider Mexican Fire Original Series II 762 Finesse Bream Fishing Rod

and the lure weight is only 3-12g

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Thanks guys!

Interestingly enough, i found that the 50-55cm models put up much more of a ballistic fight than the 60cm models. Despite the 2 or 3 initial drag screaming moments, youre pretty much pulling dead weight and they give up as soon as you get them to the surface of the water, flip flopping like tuna on deck.

Spykey - 20 grams on your Bream rod is overkill, i wouldnt recommend. Maybe on the wharves or inner bays, casting 10 - 15grams metals at something working the baitfish worth trying.

On most of the rocks spinning, i wouldnt go below a 9fter with 4-8kg. Sometimes when things are slow, been able to safely load up the rod and ripping it out an extra 10-30 meters to entice the skittish pays dividends.

Certain ledges with water right at your feet you can get away with shorter and lighter rating if you know what your doing...

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