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Fun at FAD 16 - Broken Bay


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Wind forecast wasn't looking great but we decided to have a go anyway. Glad we did as conditions were ok. Water temperature at 24.2 degrees and a nice blue colour. Plenty of Dollies still there ranging from 70 to biggest we got was 87 cm. Every yakka a hookup but they were just as happy with half a pillie.

Trolled before we got to the FAD and on the way home. Was expecting maybe a striped tuna but the absolute bonus for the day was getting 2 small yellowfin. Both about 70 cm and hit the same lure a crimson laser pro 160 at 2 m. Got one on the way there and the other on the way home.

Cheers, Bart


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Nice info about the yft, hopefully Sydney has a good season this year

I have never targeted YFT but keen to give it a go this winter. When does the season start and roughly how far out do you need to go? Depends on the temp breaks I guess.


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Was that last Saturday, 26th? might have seen you there, do u remember a dark green cat with a white half-cab hard top? not many boats there that day, weather wasn't great but it eventually improved. yeah dollies aplenty and likewise our biggest were mid to high 80s. half your luck with the yellowfin, that's a good sign. we got a rainbow runner about the size of a rat king which was a bit novel. Looked like a good marlin bait to me but we weren't chasing them. Our deep water snapper spot yielded nothing and the terrigal fad was surprisingly barren of both boats and fish. So too the terrigal wide fish trap area inshore of the fad was a bit lean - a few pigfish being all we could muster among a throng of undersized nannies. Tried a known king spot at east reef on the way back in but no good there either. other than a swag of dollies we found fish a bit hard to catch that day.

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