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Pittwater and North Syd FAD tunas


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A mate and had both been looking forward to going fishing today since the forecast on Monday. We headed out from the boat at about 5:30am and went around the back of Scotland Island after yakkas to no avail.... Then we went to West Head and buried with bread and tuna oil - same result ;-( We only caught sweep and pinkies. Can you use sweep as live bait? Does anyone know where at West Head is the best spot to anchor? We were just in front of the WW2 bunkers.

At 7:30 we reluctantly headed out to the North Syd FAD without livies to troll the warm waters that were still flowing south.... It took us an hour to get out there. When we arrived at the FAD there was 70+cm Mahi Mahi jumping out of the water everywhere. There was only one boat out there and they were hooked up when we arrived! :-) We threw a few unweighted pillies out but had no interest and the fish had gone down. After half an hour another four boats arrived, so we put a spread out and headed north towards the Terrigal FAD and into the cobalt blue 24degeee water!

That was when we had a double hook up on Stripies! They were a bit of fun but they managed to tangle all the lines while doing circles of the boat but we managed to gaff the both of them and undo the tangle...

After that mayhem I had one more bite, but it dropped my Rapalla 20. Even though I had changed the trebles to some wickedly sharp owner ones.... My other lures include a cupped skirt and a long nose bullet style. Does anyone know what type is best for tuna?

I had some fresh sushi tonight and looking forward to trying some cutlets on the bbq tomorrow lunch.




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Hey Andrew,

We were the other boat that was hooked up when you got out there... nice to hear your report as your experience was near identical to ours.... only difference was the 1 little yakka we caught as a livie hooked up - but that was all.


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