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After Work Suprise 1/9


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Before work this morning i put my rod in the back of the car intending on a fish on the way home from work..Was anxious and frustrated watching every minute of the clock tick by all day :ranting2: then 5:00pm hit and i drove strait to the intended spot where i had a half hearted go at it the night before chasing my EP virginity with numerous follows but no hook ups..

Well i got down to the spot tonight and saw a mate who had just got their and was having a flick their aswell..As i had no success on the HB's the night before i thought id tie on the trusty ole 3 inch bass minow :1prop: Casted the little sucker and before i knew it i came up tight and thought ohh farkk snagged allready, nope it was just the start of a solid run..after a good little battle, i came up trumps and brought the fish to shore and there it was my very first EP...Called the mate over and he couldnt believe his eyes and got him to take a happy snap and then released him.. :thumbup:

MY first EP went 33cm :thumbup:

Well to my amazement over the next the 30 mins i caught a further more 3 EP's ranging from 25-37cm and heaps and heaps of folows..they where following it within 2ft of me..great to watch

(sorry didnt get a pick of 37cm one as he was hooked rather deep and i wanted to send him on his way :thumbup: )

sorry for the long report..

Here is some pics of 2 diferent fish..






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I'm still trying to top your 410 chris!...i got a 390 last week, but i know there are 450+'s in there!....


your not wrong mate, i reckon i have mistaken some big EP's for small soaps, there are some crackers there for sure. might have to have a flick on Sunday night!

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