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Mid North Coast Weekend

Guest zanderman

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Guest zanderman

Hello Guys,

Went up north of Sydney with a couple of mates for the weekend with the intention of fishing a lot over the weekend. Saturday morning we got a bunch of yakkas, slimies and pike and headed out wide chasing mackerel, jew and reds. The bottom bashers were producing a lot of trevally, bream, fingermark and snapper though all were only just legal so we threw them back...after about an hour or so the balloons started to go off and in the next 2 hours we pulled 2 good spotted macks and and 2 good spanish macks. We also wrangled a hammerhead into the boat...

In the arvo we hit the stones with livies and managed to get 3 hookups on Tunas though all of them ran around the headland and smoked us. only managed to bring in one bronzie ha.

The sunday was nice weather so we fished in close on the reefs for reds in the morning and got some good reds, cobia and tuskies because going out wide to get kings. when we got to our king ground we could see kings everywhere on surface so i chucked a 90mm stick bait at it on my snapper gear and hooked up. managed 3 or 4 kings on my snapper gear before we started jigging for the bigger ones! we ended up bringing 25-30 kings into the boat within and hour and a half and only kept 8 or so nice eating ones. No monsters today though biggest only going mid-nineties. We pulled kings on Poppers, stick baits, baits, jigs and anything you threw at them!

Last crack at a fish was for a jew and One of the boys on the boat, Al, landed a nice 108cm daytime jew.

All in all was a mental weekend!

Just uploaded a few shots!









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Great job boys

There some great fish

Looks like u had heaps of fun and caught some great fish

Some great macks, snapper, kings, jewwys, sharks and many more

Sounded like u boys had a great weekend

Well done boys

Cheers thefisherman6784

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What a sessiom to be able to cast at kings is enough yet alone landing a couple of monsters. If you don't mind me asking mid north coast is SWR and Coffs harbour way?

Keep up the good work.



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Guest zanderman

Go the Milligan...Nice catch boys..

Milligans are epic! I love them

and thanks all for your comments!


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