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Fishing the Hinchinbrook and Daintree


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Hi Raiders

Me and the missus are heading up to Lucinda at the end of November taking the boat up have a little 5m side console tinny.

Really have no idea what gear to use bait or Lures, have bought a cast net an been practicing hopefully have it by the time we go. But any information any one could share with us before we go would be much appreciated.

We will also be up around the Daintree region for a few days as well any tips there would also be appreciated. We are from western NSW so very limited experience in salt water at all and non on barra, jacks ect .

Thanks a gain for any guidance thrown our way

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G'day, I've only fished landbased around the pier in Lucinda. But have caught legal grunter(javelin fish), a 4 kg butter bream, wolf herring, and a few unstopables. A good place for bait is around the sugar pier with the cast net, or around smaller creeks at low tide.

Buy some crab pots also, plenty of muddies in the hinchinbrook channel, look for creeks and run offs feeding into main channel in the mangroves.

The fishing up there is unbelievable, just focus around the tide changes.

Also if you're there around the full moon the prawns should be running. Or black moon the fingermark will be on the shallow reefs, fresh squid for bait.

Cheers Leo

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There are two boat ramps to use at the Daintree River. The main ramp at the vehicle ferry crossing for the lower and offshore reaches and a smaller ramp up at the township of Daintree for the upper fresh.

Unfortunately for you it will be closed season for Barramundi. There is also a no fishing zone in part of the river so get a map.

If you can master your cast net then mullet or herring are the best live bait. Fish the deeper holes along the fringing mangroves and shifting sandbars for finger mark, queen fish, cod, Grunter, jacks, GT's (use your sounder).

Take care navigating the river it is very shallow throughout with only one formal channel marker near the mouth. The locals have hung there own channel markers in the mangroves (white). Keep the one you are travelling towards directly infront of your bow and the one you are traveling from directly behind the stern if that makes sense.

The Daintree is also good for mud crabs. You will encounter crocs during your travels so don't place your pots where they will be high and dry at low tide forcing you to exit the boat like I have done haha.

There is also Snapper Island not far off the mouth of the Daintree. Trolling can produce mackerel or bottom bash for reef species. There are some wrecks that produce good fish (check chart). There is a fin fish closure in November so check the dates.

If it's blowing outside then fish the upper reaches using small hard bodies for Jungle perch and Sooty Grunter.

It's a magic system good luck and post a report.



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