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After a great day out on the bay with outnumbered i got home to find my mate parked in my driveway keen to go for a jewie spin. Hell yeah it was awsome all i had to do was put headlamp on and we were off.We got to spot X with 1 1/2 till the tide topped out and things were a little quiet there was a guy down there who was sponsered by daiwa and we had a good time chatting he caught a nice flatty 55 cm and as the tide was on the way out i hooked a nice little jewie on a gold squigy about 2 mins later we had him safely on shore i think with the low water temp he was fighting really slugish but still good fun so we measured him and he went 82 cm and 5.3 kgs so that was the perfect way to finish off a great day .Trevally for a midnight snack helped as well good luck fellas tight lines

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Me and Chris are going down tonight instead of the pub so we will se you there mate it wasnt a hot bight last night the one i got i think he was just passing through ,just a mater of being in the right place at the right time with a sp in the water. Ill see you down there mate :thumbup:

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