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Sydney Harbour.

Guest Jocool

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Late start for me today. Didn't hit the water till about 6:00AM. But with dad and 2 other passengers, chasing and feeding fish was going to be a disaster, so we opted for berley and baits.

Went straight out to Fairy Bower, and started a berley trail at anchor. Started of a little quite, but ended with 2 legal Schnappers, and a couple of odds and sods. It was fun to watch my brother do battle with an un-known for over 15 minutes on 6LB gear, only to bring up a horse Sgt. Baker of about 60 cm's! :074: He called for a big Schnapper as we all had Red Fever. :biggrin2:

Moved back into the Harbour after the wind died, as the bite seemed to have shut down. Anchored around Sow and Pig, for not many takers. Got a bit bored so threaded some pilly fillets onto a jig head and did a Grant! :074: Had some fun with small Trevs and assorted other fish, but no keepers.

All in all a nice day, without too many arguments with Dad :biggrin2: and a feed of schanpper, and the others wanted to try some Sgt. Baker...so 3 were kept.

Out again tomorrow to do it all again. But this time with only me and Mark aboard. I don't think I will go fishing again with 4 aboard...Too awkward. :thumbdown:

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Guest fishrunner

Well done Joe,

Pity it didn't fully fire for you :( , but I'm sure the company was good anyway.

As you said there's always tomorrow. Heaps of sambo's round at the moment to keep you occupied if you find them :biggrin2: .

Have a good one

cheers :beersmile:

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We will be out there rain, hail or shine.......... rain is good, it keeps people off the water!!!

Ive been where you come from Mark, and I cant argue with you mate!!!! :biggrin2:

Hope to see you lads on the water.

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Hope to see you lads on the water.


With bells on! :biggrin2:

Should be hitting the ramp at Rose Bay at about 6ish!

I better go get some sleep. :074:

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hey Joe,

sounds like you guys had an ok day. I started very slowly with nothing b4 lunch, but George caught some very nice trevs on fly. I had a decent arvo though with a nice trev, a big St Baker on fly then had a 40 minute battle with what we think was a king, unfortunately the king (??) spat the hook after a very long and exhausting battle. Hope you and Mark get amongst them tomorrow.

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