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Sydney Harbour 3/9

Guest fishrunner

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Guest fishrunner

Hi all,

Went out today at a relatively late start round 6 am, got to the spot to be greeted by a school of sambo's bustin up :biggrin2:


Caught many a sambo today, it was good to be pretty much consistantly hookin up :1prop: . Ended up of bondi at one stage on a school bout 50 mtrs wide and all was going well with a few other boats fishin and doin the right thing. Untill a 40 ft cruiser decided to troll straight through the school several times to everyone's disgust and hence that school went down, never to be seen again :chair: .

But all came good with a few good schools found all for myself on the way back north( untill the ensuing gang caught on anyway,- but that's all good :biggrin2: , (as long as everyone has good etiquitte, ).


Started to go quiet so decided to call it a day and head for home, as there is always tomorrow. :biggrin2::thumbup: .


Hope he's waitin for me


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Guest bluecod

Well done FR :thumbup: its sure good to come up tight on a marauding salmon,

Narra and myself were out through the heads a touch earlier and went north. Didn't see a sambo all day.

Ken is going to be p*ssed when he sees your report :mad3:

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