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Sydney Harbour sharks on Nat Geo Wild


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Anyone happen to see that doco last night?

Nsw fisheries pulling in 3M sharks inside the harbour. And here we are looking for bream :P

The look of the guys on kayaks and in the boat as the fisheries tagged them was awesome.

So looks like we have a lot of Bull sharks in Syd all the way up to parra river. Will finish the doco tonight. Recorded it.

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What's the name of the doco?? I'd love to watch it. Saw a satellite tagging program at the darling harbour aquarium. They caught a 3m bull shark just off neilson park in the eastern channel. Two of the sharks spent a lot of time west of the spit bridge. Makes you wonder what you drive over when travelling from fishing spot to fishing spot

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Guest hawkesbass

Sydney Shark Invasion - Nat Geo Wild.

Yea that could be the one. They had one opposite Nieslon park, tagged a few with GPS trackers.

So I think, shark hunting from now on at the Harbour.

Bring the marlin gear with you ha ha.

Bull sharks are not only in the harbour they love the hawkesbury river too i have seen one down as far as sackville ferry and a pro eel fisher i know has had them damage his eel traps towards ebenezer over the years.

I think someone mentioned on here last year their keepers net got ripped apart in the hacking also.

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I went on a charter in the harbour. And these guys are assisting in the tagging program.

The tracks of the tagged sharks are "colouring in" the map of the place.

Nowhere they don't go.

I would not feel comfortable on a sit on style kayak.

Primal fear kicks in when you see that fin tracking beside you.

I experienced it in the Solomons, and they were "friendly" reef sharks.

New boardies required.

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Guest Aussie007

the doco is great it has been repeated a few times now, some of the bull sharks were passing 50 meters off peoples back yards

chuck a chicken carcas out off your own wharf on marlin gear and watch the line peel off :icon_peace:

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