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Clifton Gardens breams and leatherjackets


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Went to CG two days ago playing with my new Iso Tsuri outfit. After changing spots several times because of big wind and branches falling down near me, I finally got a rock platform protected from danger.

While waiting for the burley to kick in, I caught three small leatherjacket. Then after 30 mins three 29cm breams swallowed my bait (bread). A small one came up too and I released it along with the two smallest jackets.

Was really fun seeing the rod bend like this. So fun that I forgot about the tide closing up my way back to the top of the hill so I had to climb back up through the bush!

Anyway here are the pix.

And the keepers are:

Will try to catch some blackies tomorrow


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Yeah that's also the issue with CG, every one goes fish form the wharf and it can be quite packed at times.

Also if the rocks on the sides are not productive or windy, I suggest you do like me above, that is drive away and go to Taylors Bay, it's 3 minutes away form CG.

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There are multiple access. You could park in Bradleys Head and take the BH and CH walk down to Taylors bay or park on the lower level of Iluka rd (it's a road that is split in two parallel sections).

A quick note, I went there 3 times. And the only time where there were bites was one hour after low tide, the two other times were the last run out.

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