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All rounder/popping rod


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With a few of last years YFT in September caught on poppers, stickbaits etc I'm trying to prepare my gear for a possible similar run this year.

I was thinking of buying the terez 50lb rod 7.2 as an option to popping and also as a bit of an allrounder.

My question is to whether these rods will do the job of popping for YFT off sydney?


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I'm doing the same thing, got a Tcurve 802l stick bait rod for $168 delivered, its rated to 50lb and i have a twin power 10000 with pe5 sunline. combo feels great, pops well and big stick baits (190 orcas) swim well. feels a little long on the boat but it casts a mile. I'm lead to believe popping rods are stiffer than the Terez but you want an all rounder. what poppers do you have your eye on??

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I bought a ocea tcurve 702 switch bait series with a shimano spheros 8000. Loaded with 60lb power pro. Awesome combo, casts a good distance, great on the boat or from the stones. Can use it for live baiting or jigging too! Will stand up to most fish with exceptions of course.

Cheers scratchie!!!

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