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Maybe members have read the story of Barramundi in the harbour,

You know the one,

7 ft tall arms like tree trunks etc ...

I made the call to report it to DPI Fisheries on Wednesday. No one home. I left a message.

Name When Where

Nothing......? No response .

18 months ago I saw some people digging the Mangroves for worms in a National Park

I got photos, rego numbers, reported it,

No response.

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We need an organisation like the one that they have in New Zealand as featured in a regular TV documentary that shows them in action. Now there is an example of a country/people valuing its natural resources.

Surely given the money generated by the amateur fishing industry we can do as well as our Kiwi neighbours? At present they are way ahead of us.



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There's two Organisations in nz MAF ministry of agriculture and fisheries and fish and game one does salt the other fresh! Fish and game have honorary rangers they have the pier to check licences and issue infringements they are a voluntary ranger and there's plenty they are passionate about protecting the fisheries there a lot more so than it seems here in nsw! Saying that I must commend dpi and naw police for the outstanding efforts in may on the eucumbene policing it for illegal camping and fishing if onl it were like this all the time!

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I have seen fisheries doing license checks at the Entrance. It's telling what they deal with because the two small ladies from fisheries had a big police sergeant escorting them, no doubt the cop it from some of those who think they can do what they want.

What they probably need is some sort of online facility to register observed illegal activity so they can better target their physical presence.

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