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33dm Bream on Iso setup at Uratta St Park, Central Coast


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10am, it's cloudy, windy and cold, so my wife didn't want to go out and stayed home with the boy. I had green light for fishing out!

The forecast had predicted over 4m of swell on the coast so I decided to go to either Umina Point or Half Tide Rocks as they usually are protected. But I wanted to try Umina Point, bad idea. After 30 mins drive I got there and saw the waves higher than the highest rock... So I went backwards.

On the way back I crossed the Rip Bridge and went underneath. I gave it a try standing on the oyster lease close to the bridge and casted in the deep water. The current was so fast that in few seconds my float was far away. I left it go until I couldn't see it but was confident that if there was a bite I would feel it through the line cuz the current kept the tension up. After several unsuccessful cast, I started to reel back steering the float towards one of the private jetties on the side, bang! Good fight was on, I took me time to land the fish as I drifted far. But I finally caught the 27cm bream which I released.

It then went quiet so I drove away to another spot. Doughnut for another 45 minutes so I drove away again and stopped at Woy Woy Fisherman Wharf where I met a fisho who arrived to Australia 26 years ago from Malta. He told me about Umina fishing club and suggested me to join. I might go visit them. Again nada. So after an hour fishing with Michael, I moved again to Uratta St Park. It was a place I fished twice before without success blaming the extremely shallow water and the amount of weeds. But yesterday when I took my boy to the playground I noticed a deeper channel under the bridge, after few cast I caught a legal Blackfish who was released. A local told me breams can get to 1kg in that channel, so today I wanted to try my luck. After burleyinh and several casts in all directions, I finally found the spot where a good bream pulled my float under. It was a good fight witnessed by few people amazed by the rod and surprised to see a fish that big in the area. I landed a 33cm bream. But then it went quiet again so I moved to Narara Creek behind the McDonald's. It was extremely quiet for over an hour, but I wanted to wait till sunset as this was the last spot for me today. As the sun went behind the building in front of me, bites were starting to go off! I caught 4 more breams one of which is 26cm.

What a day! It was windy and cold and the rain did fall a few times but my ski jacket was protecting me well.





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Great fish mate and like scratchie said, only a man dedicated and who loves his fishing would go out today and to go to that many spots and spend so much time shows your dedication and to top it off you got some great fish

Well done

Cheers thefisherman6784

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It's in conditions like today that you learn most I think, lots of wind, lots of current so the fish are not everywhere, this is where you learn where they hide, at what depth etc... And another good thing with it is that most fishos are staying warm at home so you have the fishing spots for you alone, or nearly.

I enjoyed today's sessions as I discovered a lot of new places around the Gosford area and met a friendly local fisherman, the fish is just the cherry on the cake.

Thanks guys

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