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PB Blackfish


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Today my wife was working so I was stuck with home duty.

Did the dishes, the washing and fed and bathed our foster kittens Nanuk and Bliss


Done by 10 and out to gather weed. I found some locally and got a bit of cabbage too.

Back home to feed the kittens again around 1pm then off to s sneaky spot around Drummoyne

I sounded the area to get the depth and got the berley going.

The weed I found was too short and wouldn't stay on so I made the switch to cabbage.

Those rubber float stoppers kept catching on the rod tip, so I doubled up with a stopper knot.

Now I had the right depth it wasn't long before I had a solid 38cm fish in the net, followed shortly

by a 32cm version post-33162-0-77652900-1405840176_thumb.jpg

I left them biting as I had to get dinner going for my girl and the kittens.



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Thanks mate.

They do go pretty hard.

I've got long long way to go, and alot to learn, but I'm having heaps of fun.

Obviously your havering fun when you know what your doing and I've heard they go hard

You might have lots more to learn but that's the beauty of fishing

So many different ways and techniques

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A 38cm fish is solid they fill out by that size and start to create some fun.

The good thing is you can fish shore based and still score even in an hour/


Can't chase them this year as I'm fishing else wheres a bit of luck they'll still be around in sept


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Good stuff. I wrote off the weekend or fishing looking at the forecasts, gotta be keen ;)

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Hi Sarge

This kind of fishing, although very new to me, is very rewarding.

You can find your own bait and choose your ground according to the conditions.

Search the depth, watch the drift and see the float go down.

'I love it when a plan comes together'

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Trevor mentioned that about the moon last week.

Those float stoppers aren't working for me, cost me almost an hour all up.

I am following the advice but maybe putting them on too quick, not enough lube, and friction burning them.

Only 18 ? ..haha

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