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Wollongong Wash Fishing


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Hey Guys

Anyone out there kind enough to teach me wash fishing the coastal rocks? I normally fish breakwalls for squid, blackfish and pelagics, so I should have suitable gear. I would really like to learn how to wash fish (consistently) for pigs, bream, groper, snapper etc. as well as about safety first hand from an experienced angler. I live in Wollongong, and commute to Sydney everyday for uni, so weekends are probably best. Preference is for fishing in the Illawarra area, and am willing to contribute to the team.

Cheers and Thanks

Your name: Bowen
Your Location: Wollongong and surrounds
Fishing technique: wash (rock) fishing
Availability: Weekends and limited weekdays
Preferred location: Wollongong and surrounds
Provide your own gear? Yes
Provide your own boat? No

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