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Stinger treble on a 3 hook gang, legal or not?


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I've used this for a while after reading about it in a magazine .

I have checked the regulation, no more than 3 hooks or 3 gangs of hooks per line.

I assume it excludes sabiki jigs.

But I can't find anything limiting the number of hooks in a gang, and I think the treble is just another hook.

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so this is what it says on DPI:

Number of hooks per line - 3 hooks or three gangs of hooks *

* A gang of hooks should have no more than 5 hooks. No more than 3 trebles attached to a lure.

Any Raider know how to interpret this

would a treble hook be counted as one hook or three?

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I'm reasonably sure it's illegal to use treble hooks with natural baits, their for lures only, this is to stop people jagging fish, people do use them as stringers and an inspector could take a dim view on this. A lot of obscure regs aren't in the guide best to ring them and ask.

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I reckon it's ok. Trebles qualify as a single hook and ur allowed up to 5 in a "set" and up to 3 "sets" on a line. That would be my understanding. Probably best to check...if you can find anybody at their Offices. Big Neil.

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I rabg this morning and got someone.

They ummed and arred and read me the regs.

3 hooks on a line or 3 gangs, 3 trebles on a lure etc

Going by that she said its probably illegal.

The legislation and regs dont include every illegal method.

If they did they would go on for miles.

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