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Hi All,

Spent the day on the water with the :wife: and headed down to spencer for a great breakfast in the morning. After this we headed to mangrove creek for a shot at bream and flatties with maybe an EP thrown in. Found some great looking water, right depth, good structure, right tide but.... you guessed it, no fish. I was very disappointed with the lack of activity. This area needs a few months to warm up b4 it fires. :1badmood:

With this in mind, headed for clearer water around brooklyn where i was able to catch a handful of lizards to prove to the missus the purchase of a new boat was not in vain. What made it difficult is that in order to buy the boat i wanted i have been touting the mantra "ill be providing for the family". Luckily i managed to scape through on this occasion. Thanks sp's you've done it again. :thumbup:

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Just made it by the skin of your teeth :biggrin2:

Same deal with us, had to look long and hard to find fish on Saturday in the Hawkesbury and managed a few decent flatties for a feed but were very hard to come by. Hurry up and warm up !

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