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Gelcoat repairs


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Hey mate,

Paikea had some repairs done on his boat. Think he used someone around sutherland. Im pretty sure he was happy with the work.

I think i know who it is but due to site rules i cant post it. PM me if you wish and i will send you the name. Maybe Paikea will see this and reply.

Moderators: is it ok to post the name? Dont think we have any sponsors that do that kind of work.

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Yes there are two companies in Taren Pt. I have my boat booked in with one tomorrow.

Can you PM me the name of the one you used.

I think Pakiea and the other poster used the same guy I used. GK Fibreglass.

They did mine on the water at the Marina and did an excellent job

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Wow that is awesome. Can you explain the process? Im quite new to this.

Did they just match the hull colour somehow?

Can you please PM me the price as I have something similar. Good to see others take pride with their toys :)

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