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Out fished by my daughter


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For various reasons I've frustratingly been unable to get out fishing for almost 3 months. However the stars ( and More importantly the weather) looked good so this sunday was the day to take my daughter out on the boat after too long a break.

I spent Saturday giving the boat the once over after being laid up. Made sure the batteries were charged and run the engine ( which didn't want to play ( perhaps I need to look in fuel satbilizer)) .

Sunday morning saw the tackle loaded and hitting gunamatta for 8am.

I'd persuaded Maddie that our best chance of a table fish was out in the bay but she hadn't been out into open water yet so was a little unsure ( we only have a 5.2m ally half cabin which bobs about a bit in the swell) we settled on an anchor just inside the heads behind the bomies to start. . I tackled maddie up on he new t-stick with a 2 hook paternoster and 1/0 circles in hope of a catch. No sooner had the burly hit the pot and we were surrounded by hundreds of small sweep. I quickly tackled her lipstick rod with a size 10 mustard sneck and brought the first fish in. Handing the rod to her. She missed 3 fish before reeling in and telling me off for not telling her it wasn't a circle hook and she needed to strike. Fish after fish came in after that which she loved. But all baby sweep and no live bait.

Keen to follow our last outings success trolling we sent out a couple of repalas for a trip in round the bomies. But for no takers. Buy this point maddie was full of confidence with open water. So we headed across to the marries for a few drifts. I proceeded to spend the next couple of hours sat on the floor making and untangling rigs following what seemed to be the worst day ever for fish wrapping them selves up in line all the time though maddie pulled in fish after fish nearly all just undersize but including about 20 flathead around 30 cm and some beautiful condition and coloured small snapper. She added bream and banded Pearch plus a couple of others to her list


No to be out done I eventually got my own line in the water only to produce a hulk specimen of a Sgt Baker. Maddie was very impressed untill I told her it was no good to eat and was called a mother in law fish. I went to drop it over the side only for it to jump out of my grip and try and escape behind the fuel tank and rear seat. After a few minutes on my hands and knees the fish was retrieved and returned to the water maddie proceeded to take the mick out of me for the rest of the afternoon that I couldn't get rid of the thing.

We tried a drift a couple of other spots finding this unknown


Home for 4:30 with a total of 4 keepers which we had with chips and mushy peas.

An amazing day with my beautiful daughter who caught significantly more fish than me :)

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Guest no one

Awesome Bro!

That Crimson banded Wrasse at the bottom is a beautiful eat!!!

Always a proud day when out-fished by your kids!

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Guest no one

Yeah man, took one yesterday at north head in the Harbour... Always like marinating them in Lemon and then shallow frying them.

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