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PB Tailor and Sydney Harbour Mulloway


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Gday Raiders

With the weather of late being pretty sloppy i had found myself at home for the most of June & early July weekends. As i work during the week i can only fish weekends and couldnt capitalise on any good weather that came about during the week as i had used up all my sick days during the April/May FAD bonanza !!!

So with that in mind on Saturday 19th July i decided i couldnt wait any longer, i had to wet a line and i had to do it soon.

After some careful cosideration the decision was made to ditch the boat and hit up one of my favourite ferry wharfs around Sydney Harbour as i thought it might be more time efficient and practical.

I arrived around 1030pm with the hope that i could collect some livebait until the last ferry of the night did its final round, the yakkas were playing hard to get and i really hard to berly and work hard to get them eating. After 1 hour i only had 3 in the esky and one on the end of the livey setup.

After about 30 minutes i noticed my line moving, but no sudden hits or runs. I bring in the line and the livey is gone? Mustnt have hooked him properly, out goes livey #2 and within 5 minutes, BANG, my rod buckles over and the line is peeling off at top speed. I was using relatively heavy gear with 30lb line so i wasnt too overly stressed out about losing the fish, after a couple of runs i felt the fish was tired so i started to dish out some hurt of my own. After a short 5 minute fight i had a good jew on the wharf. A quick measure at 70cm....just legal !!! Harder to come by since the legal size was changed last year. I was stoked !!

Out goes another livey in the hope of another legal jewwie wishing they had decided to school up infront of the wharf, but all went quiet for the next hour or so. At about 2am i had decided i had enough and wanted to head home, bringing in the livey and i got hit about 15m from the wharf. It wasnt an overly powerful fish but it was certainly acrobatic, salmon in the dark i wondered? Id never cought a salmon at night. After about 10 mins i had the fish near the pylons and was crapping myself that it would bust me off or wrap the line and run for freedom, i got a glimpse of the fish for the first time, tailor, and an absolutely stonker at least by my standards. After a quick struggle handling the rod in one hand and the net in the other i had him on deck and he went 65cm. A new PB and i was stoked.

Having been successful on that saturday i decided to go back the friday 25th July to the same spot with the same bait and landed an undersize jewwie which was 64cm. The only fish for the night and a rather lazy and slow sluggish fight, perhaps the cold weather ?

Overall quite content with the catch and even happier about the new PB for tailor.






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Thanks fellas, I find fishing the harbour this time of year very unpredictable.

Before buying the boat I spent countless hours fishing the harbour wharfs but never really mastered the weather and conditions so the jewwies for an unexpected catch for me this time of year.

I don't know if if the fish move around looking for warm pockets of water ? Or maybe they look for cleaner water or simply move further up river ?

I'm keen to see what everyone thinks

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