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Groper Time


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With the nice flat seas and a low tide around knock off I hit up the ocean rocks for a Groper fish.

I baited up a whole crab and lobbed it out.

I was fishing 12 ft rod 6500 alvey and 15kg torture mono straight through to a ball sinker and 4/0 hook.

First bait hit the water just past what little wash there was in the hole I was fishing

Tap tap tap felt some weight strike hook up and wind in a kelp fish.

I rebaited and cast again only to be picked by small fish this happened a couple of times more.

Then finally I felt the no nonsense take and weight of a good fish I struck and the rod loaded up only to go slack 2 seconds later.

I wound in and still had the crab bait on the hook.

Its a fine line between allowing the fish enough time to get a good hook up and getting reefed.

I adjusted the bait and cast again tap tap again probably more kelp fish.

Another bait and a good bite a bit of weight I dip the rod to give a bit of line wait for the rod to start to load up and strike.

Hooked up wind hard and hold on the fish dives for the bottom but doesn't make it then it surges to the right I wind a bit more and pull hard left

it tries to get in under my feet but I wind a bit more and the 12 ft rod helps me keep it out

she pops to the surface and I see my hook just pinning it in the lip I ease the pressure a bit and it dives down again but not as powerful this time

I get her up to the surface again and guide her to a sloping ledge and wait for a swell to wash her out.

The ocean obliges and she is mine.



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Great fish Houdini a very tasty catch, as a point of interest though Groper and other wrasse species are actually what are referred to as sexually dimorphic.

This means that unlike flathead and other fish where females and males look the same phenotypically except for the sexual organs you can tell a gropers sex by its colour.

Also many fish change sex to be all female after a certain size, the blue groper starts off as a female (brown or red colour) in a family group with a dominant male (blue), if the male gets eaten or caught the next most senior female will change colour as it becomes male.



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