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Underwater LED lights


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I have the Ocean LED lights on my boat. I bought them online from the US on the recommendation of a mate who installed them. The boat is moored so cant really take a photo of them but they are a skin fitting so no through hull mounting required. If you google them you'll see what I mean. Mine are 2 years old and light up the water perfectly. I have 2 of the 3 LEDs mount at the back either side of the motors and on each side a 6 LED mounted towards the back. My boat is at Cronulla marina if you wanted to have a look. Not sure fromo your profile if that's handy to you.

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Awesome, because they are the brand I am going for. Can you please PM me the site?

I found some last night, but not sure if they are genuine, but I doubt people would be making copies of these.

I only have a 5M boat. DO you think these will give enough light? The A8 are quite pricey!



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Guest Aussie007

dave the proper LED light to attract bait fish cant be turned on out of the water

i seen on another forum a member posted a picture of two javis marine LED lights on the back of his boat and looked pretty good lighting up a pretty big area and there only $30 each compared to the proper LED lights big $$$

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Should of been more clear. What I meant was to see pics of the lights fitted on the hull.

And then the lights on in the water.

Yea I have seen the Jarvis lights, I will do a search and see if I can find the pic. But I don't like the look of them. I like a bit of style ;)

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