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Help with Fishing Botany Bay in a Boat


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Hi Guys,

Some friends and I have hired a boat for tomorrow and are going to head out to Botany Bay for a day of fishing. I'm usually landbase so I'm pretty excited to get out on the water!

Any tips or suggestions? :)

Bait: We have loaded up with fresh squid, slimey mackeral and some whitebait.

Tactic: I wa thinking trawling a little for a decent bite, then heading into about ~40m of water for drift and/or a bottum bash.

Rigs: Paternose with running sinker.

Any and all advice will help me out!

Thanks Raiders.



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Have a check if the wind for tomorrow, it's not looking good and Botany Bay chops up.

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Ditto to above.. BB is very unforgiving in a blow and tomorrow its gonna blow

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Guest Aussie007

mark there are plenty of spots to hide when its windy but the wind ruins a good days planning u can easily fish in anything under around 20kph anything over and it chops up as ian and bardi said, getting from point A to B can be a challenge especially in a hire boat if its a small tinny and dont fish in a southerly wind

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Guest no one

Did you end up going out? Sat in Brighton having breakfast at 9:30am watching the bay... the wind looked killer and the bay looked dangerous. Certainly not the best place to go with the wind up. On low swell days you can get out of it by going outside but in the bay itself there are few places I've found to hide!

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Yeah we still went out. My mate was keen as mustard.

It was a 6m centre console so was fine for conditions..

We hooked a few large rays.. one snapped 50lb braid and the second pulled the hook as we got it off the sand..

A few other smalls things but not overly productive.. we should of gone over towards Kurnel or como.. apparently it was like glass.

The swell was pretty big in the middle of the bay.. it made things interesting aha

Not to worry. We are hoping to have a boat soon and will finally be able to give everyone a decent report ;)

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