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One in the wind


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I had the.duty again this weekend, but the foster kittens are off the bottle and growing up fast, so I could go out a bit longer.post-33162-0-82024500-1406959881_thumb.jpg

He put up a good fight and nearly had me in the kelp. With the longer rod I'm using I found it pretty hard to guide him in and net him, but got there in the end.

A quick photo and measure and release.




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Nice fish! im just getting into luderick fishing and having a bit of trouble. using a fixed float and trying to keep the cabbage and weed close to bottom. Do they bite well during the day time or is it better dawn dusk? any tips and good locations around sydney would be awesome!!!! please :-) Is Grotto point still fish protected area?

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Thanks mate, I am also quite new to it.

I'm using a running float with small float stopper, so I can change my depth accordingly.

I believe the fish are usually near the bottom, or at least that's where I target them.

Hawkesbass showed me how to get the depth by getting a sinker (with line or wire around it ) and put that on the hook.

Set your stopper to what you think the depth is and cast it out. If the float lays on the surface you are too deep, if it sinks out of sight you are too shallow. You want to see the float a foot or two below the surface, when you are fishing the bait will be that distance off the bottom, if that makes sense.

Keep your bait on the small size, you want the fish to take in one go not nibble at it.

Once you get a down wait and count 1 2 3 4 and lift the rod, the weight of the fish will set the hook. You don't do a big strike. It's easy to pull the hook.

I have been targeting them around the high tide whenever, but I know more experienced guys who prefer the dawn high.

Grotto Pt is part of North Harbour Aquatic Reserve, you can fish there, but you can't gather bait, Ive heard you can even get busted for having squid setup in the area


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