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Hi all, wanting to head out from Wollongong next weekend. Not familiar with the loading ramps or fishing spots, would like to do some bottom bashing or jigging.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



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Alot of Salmon ( no suprise ) around in close at the moment.

Match the hatch with your metal slugs or soft plastics. Watched three boats drive straight through the schools throwing metals that were 4x the size of the bait fish.

Also a strange but productive style ive been using lately is downrigging salmon livebaits near the bombies and drop offs of the headlands Not very deep at all and not very fast. Have taken 4 metre plus model Jews over the last few weeks. A few local divers tell me every year about small schools of large mulloway haunting the headlands around this time every winter, strange to think such large fish are schooling up but after trying for quite literally the last 3-4 winters downrigging these live salmon have brought the best results.

I have thrown salmon pattern softs and hards at these fish from the stones while divers have told me they are within casting distance and nothing absolutely nothing I have a feeling none of my lures were big enough because the salmon i have been dowrigging are all around 30cm.

Fisherman from yesteryear around the area ( and god there are alot ) will tell you lake illawarra port kembla and the suburbs going north use to be some of the greatest mulloway fishing in australia. Ive even been shown articles from the early thirties of local fisherman being adressed by their first name in the local paper taking 100's of metre plus jews from the beaches in nets. Bays and headlands full of erupting sea mullet being harassed by jews on the surface !! Of course these fisherman leave out the parts where they were most likely involved in the in the rampant raping and netting of aformentioned Jews.

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Guest Aussie007

your fired has good advice plenty of fish at port kembla and anyone can go there be it land based or in a 8 foot tinny, the kings hang around 10 o'clock off the south break wall 6 and 12 o'clock being the south break wall but can be hard to fish from a boat with land based fisho's casting around

one time i met a bloke down there downrigging during the night who said he caught a few small jews and a big one got away i think the big one may have been a kingy as we were pulling up 78-82cm models around april/may all day long

plenty of salmon to be caught there at night along with tailor under the lights just toss out a full pilchard on a gangy unweighted

we have caught some decent size mack tuna trolling between the islands one big mack tuna from memory was about 70cm on a rapala

but most of all pick your days it can get rough down there one morning i came up along the break wall and was hit by a massive swell tried to turn around the swell picked up my boat and speared it almost capsized

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