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Ok so another thread regarding Jew rods. I am after a beach rod to match a saltiga surf 6000 reel with 30lb braid. I already own a Snyder fish striker mt8144 12'8" but seem to struggle to get any distance when I use a 100gram star sinker and whole squid, half a side of legal tailor or even a live yakka. I reckon at best with the sinker and bait I mentioned I get around 30m max, probably less if I could measure it. I try practicing my casting at woronora river near the van park and struggle to get baits out half way. I am not sure whether its my casting technique or my size-170cm and 70kg or my Snyder rod.

The rod is rated to cast 115grams and went looking today at tackle world and was shown a live fibre rlf43/2. Comparing it to the Snyder in store it doesn't seem as sloppy as the Snyder and the fella there reckons it will be ok for 8 oz sinkers and big baits and will improve my casting distance.

Any opinions will be greatly appreciated.



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If your running a Saltiga surf why not match it up to the latest and greatest in graphite Daiwa rods ?

Daiwa sensor surf in the 16ft is a monster of a rod ridiculously powerful and has the leverage to launch baits further then any rod ive seen

There is another Daiwa tournament master surf in the size and rating however it just has slightly higher grade fittings.



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Yeah I looked at this and was set on getting one but again when comparing to my Snyder it seemed even sloppier. I think its ratings are over rated imo. Have you got one or used one, they do get good reports

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