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Wentworth Falls Lake


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hi all, I had 45 minutes to burn this afternoon so i grabbed a spinstick and a couple of lures and headed down the lake for a fish.I was using a f7 rapala in rainbow trout which has caught me some nice fish already this year and it didnt take long before i came up tight on a lovely rainbow of about 2 1/2 lbs. The fish put up a very good fight for its size and was released to fight another day!Was a very pleasant way to spend an hour. cheers TROUTBOY :1fishing1:

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When i first started fishing the lake that was the first spot i tried,but after several attempts with no luck i soon gave it away.Ihave caught some very good fish there but unless your prepared to be there at 5 o clock in the morning in the middle of winter there are many better and more productive spots to wet a line. If you follow the walking track to the right starting from waratah rd some local kids have made a tree swing and around this area has been good to me casting floating divers parrallel to the shore in the direction of waratah rd. I usually fish on a wednesday afternoon from 3.30 to about 5.30 so i might see you around and can point you in the right direction! :1fishing1:

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