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Hand-held VHF Marine Radios


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I am considering replacing my 12 year old 27 meg radio (the aerial is stuffed) with a hand held VHF unit. It seems a waste to buy a new aerial for old technology.

My research indicates that they come with either 2.5, 3 or 5 watts of transmission power. I only venture 3-4 km offshore. Any advice re what power rating I will need? Or any other things I need to look for in such a unit? I will buy a floating one just in case the unexpected happens!

What have been raiders experiences with brands/models? Please PM me if it is not kosher to post that information here.


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Hi Kel,

I would want 5W, the GME units are switchable 5/1W. Remember that with a Handheld, you only have a small aerial, so you have already reduced your coverage.

The other thing I would look at is battery power, the larger the rating the longer it will hold a charge for.

The latest GME units, are full floating and flashing.

If you want more info / pricing etc, give us a call.


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Hi Kel ive been using the hummingbird for a few years its a 5 watt model, i mostly fish in botany bay so i find the range limited. as with being a vhf it all goes by line of sight and works ok once outside the heads

i have since upgraded to a mounted unit with a 6 db antenna and the coverage is 10 times better

also i would go the 5 watt models they have better transmission. cheers

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