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EP 60-R Fuel Flow Sensor


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Hi all

I am in the process of buying a new sounder / chart plotter for my boat.

I really want to connect the fuel flow sensor to my NMEA 2000 network but I cant really find any reviews on it. A couple of you tube videos show that the reading is a bit all over the place.

Does anyone have one installed that can give me some feedback? I'd just love to know if it is accurate in terms of consumption readings. I want to believe that once it is calibrated corrected that I can trust it to calculate how much fuel I have used on a given day. I understand that this wont tell me what's in my tank but I never go out without an empty tank and I know my tank holds 180ltrs.

Also whilst on the subject has anyone successfully connected their Yamaha to their sounder via the back of the command link system (Older style not the plus)? Is it worth it or do my existing command link gauges show me the same info?

Thanks in advance to anyone that responds.



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