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Port Hacking


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Headed out early this morning, bloody cold heading into the breeze.

Anchored near Grays Point at first light in the deeper water, used pillies and salted tailor strips for bait.

Pulled out 2 chunky tailor of 48 cm each and 2 flatties of 41 and 51 cm. Good fight by the tailor. Those fish before sunrise, with little reddies chewing off most baits. After sunrise, headed for home.

Photo now attached, Telstra fixed my mobile phone problem.


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Great little outing mate and I'm sure those tailor fought pretty well

Did you keep them for a feed

Well done

Yes, don't mind fresh tailor, prefer them to eating bream or jewies.

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Well done yet again...

I have to hand it to you for getting out there consistently and letting us know what's happening in your neck of the woods.

I feel like I have been letting the team down with my weekly harbour reports... one thing or another getting in the way this will be the second week

in a row I have missed out.

Anyway, keep the reports coming, I always look forward to them.



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