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need some help


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Hi all,

i have an evinrude 25hp not sure what year but model is e25rlcos and i was wondering if anyone has a recoil starter assembly in Sydney that i can buy off them tonight or tomorrow morning so i can take my son out on the boat for a few hours.


Dave 0427191058

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Dave As a tempory measure , can you not remove the recoil assembly & rope start the motor around the fly wheel.

I thought this motor had the recess on the top of the fly wheel so it could be rope started.


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Funny you should say that because the last time I wanted to go out that's exactly what I did and then haven't got around to fixing it, been flat out at work. But this arvo my missus suggested we go on the boat tomorrow (a rarity haha) with our son and I thought that have a proper pull start would be a lot easier with the little man on board.

Cheers geoff

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