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Running electronics straight from the battery


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Hello fellow raiders, a little advice please.

I am wiring some cigarette power out lets onto my tinny to run a couple of things but in particular an electric fridge.

Unfortunately the existing wiring is inadequate and I need to run 6mm cable (manufacturers recommended spec). If the fridge has a fuse in the plug and an on /off switch can I simply run a new +ve and -ve from the battery to the power socket without running via a switch panel or separate fuse arrangement? I know that the socket will be energised at all times but does anyone see a problem with this? I could run an in line fuse and switch at a push but not ideal. If i run everything to the switch panel,I need twice the amount of cable to get back to the socket again.

Assistance or advice gratefully received.



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The problem I've found that some cig sockets , over a period of time , either short out or have power seepage , neither are good.

Personally I would not be leaving them constanly active.

In respect to the wireing , the power going to the switch panel should be at least 6mm , therefor you should only need to run 6mm from the pannel to the cig socket .


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Thanks Guys,

The wiring from the battery to the switch panel is only 4 mm (15amp rated wiring) hence my dilemma. It does only run nav lights a sounder and a radio but not big enough to run much more. Some other dodgy wiring including speaker wire to the nav lights and this is a production boat. I was really trying to save additional wiring running up and down the boat but after a sleepness night I decided to do it once and do it right. New circuit with fuse and switch running the two sockets.

Thanks for the advice.


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