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A calling to the bass fisherman


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Today in a rather random decision, I stopped in at the nepean river at douglas park. I figured why not, so I got out the light gear and some small poppers/shallow diving minnows and went for broke. No luck, but that doesnt surprise me cause I had no what I was doing. The bass ive caught in the past were by luck more than anything else...

So I ask, has anyone fished the area? Any hints/spots you know how to access? Worth taking an inflatable boat for a paddle? And most importantly, what do I do to catch the bass this time of year, assuming its possible???

Cheers guys

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Hi Krause,

I am by no means an expert but I do know that during June-August is the closed season for bass and my understanding is that this simply means you can't keep them (not that you would especially from the nepean). The reason for this is that the bass head to brackish water to spawn. Reading between the lines I would guess most bass have moved down stream but I too would live to know if there are still bass about a far up as the Nepean.

As far as te spots go I have caught bass (in summer months) at a heap of spots from the weir and kms past the narrows. I have found that casting under overhanging trees that result in shaded water are the best spots.

Just go and have a crack and let us know how you go.

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Cheers guys! Well that explains it, hah! I might give the royal national park a go, I can't remember the name of the river, but the one near the visitors center. I know that's acsessable with a bit of walking and brackish. That's we ive accidentally caught them before. Thanks for the info

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