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Lost touch with an ozzie fisho - can anyone help ?


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Hi everyone,can anyone help me. Have had 4 trips over to your great country now and have fished as much as possible on every trip. During my 2012 trip I struck up a friendship with "Ollie" who at the time lived at Fairlight. Since then I have lost his contact details totally :(

Is Ollie a regular poster on here ? His "handle" on another forum was "Noidea" - I think !!! Here is a picture of Ollie from 2012 when we were fishing in Sydney Harbour together


Ollie was great fisho and very knowledgeable. I caught my first kingfish in the harbour thanks to him. Here is me with that fish which I caught from Ollies tinny


At the time he had blinkers on to catch a shark from the shore. He managed to hook into a bronzie whilst I was fishing with him in the harbour. Here is a picture of that shark.


Any help would be most appreciated :thumbup:


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