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Milson's Point 15/08/14


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Hey Raiders,

Hopped on the train over to Milson's Point today armed with some prawns and salted pike from last week. Arrived just after the top of the tide. Went round to Jefferey's St and fished from the ferry platform for a bit. Managed a small pinkie or two on unweighted prawns,but nothing was interested in the pike. I decided to move over a little and walked along the sea wall casting out with unweighted prawns again. After a few casts, started to get hits from leather jackets and pulled in these two:



Also managed a gunther's wrasse too, before heading back to the ferry platform for a few casts once the tide had gone out. Kept getting some small takes afterwards, but decided to call it a day at about 7 pm.

I was wondering about the leather jackets: I think one's a fan-bellied and the other's a rough-skinned, but they both look different to the ones I've been catching around Rose Bay recently. I haven't kept any for the plate yet as I don't know if they're all okay for eating- does anyone know if there's much of a difference in taste between the different species? I have a mat with a fish guide that says rough-skinned and Chinaman's are okay for eating, but that fan-taileds aren't particularly good, or shouldn't be eaten (there's a red circle with a cross through it, though it doesn't appear in the poisonous/dangerous fish section). The fan-bellied isn't in there.

I was thinking about braving the rain tomorrow and trying somewhere new, maybe Clifton Gardens, but if the weather's bad it'll be closer to home.



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nice adamski it least you got something i didn't know that there was anything wrong with the fan belly leatherjackets the second one is very common in the harbour and i have eaten them before and they taste quite good

i wouldn't fish clifton last time i fished there i got nothing for 6 hours not even a bite and while i was there there was only one trev caught ive heard its good once the sun goes over the hill there for pelagics with metals and casting hardbodies there was once one guy was getting a few follows from salmon and i got a hit on a 60g metal but no hook up

try having a look a google earth and find our own spot thats in the harbour along some of the rocks and you should get some trevs

cheers sydneyfisher12

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Thanks for the reply man- I'll bare that in mind about the leather jackets if I catch one again and try it out on the plate.

Cheers too for the advice about Clifton and finding my own spots- I'm just checking Google Maps and the public transport page now to see what's accessible.

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Man...Jackets are one weird looking species... Always a pleasure to catch something so alien.

Yeah totally agree- that's kind of what puts me off taking them home... something about those big eyes and that horn gives me the creeps!

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I don't know of any species of jacket that can't be eaten.

A Pigmy Leatherjacket, because they only grow to about 8cm. I did catch one in Port Hacking some years back on a small hook, 6 or 7cms long and a different look to other jackets.

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