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Fishing the Sapphire coast DAY 1


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Day 1

Location: Middle beach Merimbula

Target species: drummer

Time : morning

Blowing a stiff south westerl meaning the rocks were protected, collected a bag full of cunjevoi found the usual hole full of sand so had to alter the rig to with a float. Was getting hammered by trash fish no drummer to speak of , I decided to take the pants off and go get wet looking for some red crabs. Found five and wouldn't you know landed 5 drummer all 50cm models. All taken on 15lb mono on a 4000 size reel with the drag fastened with pliers.

Info for Any raiders :

walk down the stairs which lead to the beach and head right, the first rocky outcrop will be where you fish from . Bypass this and continue around the headland until you reach a small rocky bay where you can gather cunjevoi and red crabs. Be prepared to get wet around this rock bay is prime groper Territory here is a groper taken from here a few years ago by the old man. When there is no swell or bright conditions I fish this ledge I have taken leather jackets wrasse groper drummer and groper all from here, also bonito. For monster bream and drummer you fish the initial rocky outcrop I mentioned before. I would advise only fishing this id you are a confident rock angler, I have been drenched more times then I can recall, however all my biggest bream and drummer have come from here.

Location: tura beach

Target species: salmon

Perfect conditions surf is breaking approx 80m out making a giant butter running the length of the beach. I had with me a brand me daiwa lateo 11ft which haven't hit stores yet matched to the new blast. A blast is what I had, landed 6 salmon within an hour on 60gm metals. Kept two for slab baits.

Info for for any raiders:

From the car park you walk directly to the beach walk takes about 3 minutes, nearly every afternoon will have a fisherman already there with his rod holder and hanged pillies. First thing to do is ask them if they have caught any ? If they have chances are they are fishing in a gutter, this is a great way to identify gutters if your are a beginner. Now all you do is cast as far as is possible and steadily retrieve the metal, work it to your feet as quite often hooks ups will happen metres from the shore. If you get tired from all the casting simply walk and sit a little way from the bait fishos. Watch them and as soon as they hook up throw your lure In, generally if they re hooked up a school is passing through that gutter. A trick which does piss some bait fishos off when you start pulling fish out right next to them.

Days 2 3 and 4 to come


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Great report and good of you to share the location info - although it might be while before I can get down that way! Is Middle Beach the one just east of town or the long one that runs south to Pambula ?

Also thanks for the tip about red crabs, I'd heard groper love 'em, but I haven't tried them on the pigs yet.

I camped at Gillards beach just north of Tarthra last year and had a look around Merimbula but didn't fish it. Will make a point of giving those rocks a go if I can get down there again.

Any pics of the drummer? 5 X 50cm models is quite a catch in one day - well done, especially on 15lb string!


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Middle beach is south of short point north of long point. It is very rarely used even in summer it faces exactly due west and the rocks face exactly north east on the southern end of the beach.


Location: eden naval wharf

Target species: anything that bites

I arrived at the naval wharf south of eden around 6am fishing an upcoming tide. I had with me two daiwa gen blacks both spooled with 4lb Fluro straight through. Also a daiwa saltist hyper LBG 9ft behemoth spooled with 50lb braid 80lb leader. When I'm fishing land based game I generally do away with all notions of fairness and sport. I set the LBG rod up with a half slab of salmon from the night before on Ganges hooks, down rigged about 2 metres, sitting pretty high in the water column.

The two smaller rods I threw metals and softs for 20 mins with no takes. By now my burley had finally worked consisting of 8 cans of home brand cat pilchards 69 cents each and soaked bread. Slimiest had turned up EVEB in the middle of winter, it took me bout an hour to catch two slimiest they were being extremely flighty and non committal. With the slimies in the container with aerator I set about setting up a live bait rig with balloon. That's when the LBG. Rod screamed off, the drag was very loose so I knew it sounded better then it likely was.

I picked it up and good feel heaps of violent head shakes too fast for a Jew and was taking line way too quick for a ray. Even too quick for a shark really, after I watched about 200 metres of line dissapeared I had th drag at full lock about 12kg th fish was still screaming out, it was this point I realised I had no hope. I couldn't turn it with th line have a breaking strain way higher then the reel. Eventually ping it had rubbed me off on th leader. Fish remains unknown I'm going to say by a few too eratic for a ray too quick not a rat king too much pulling power, I actually have a feeling it may have Been a mako but no aerials. It's speed and the fact it rubbed of 80lb makes me thin mako, they have caught bluefin and albacore off there but I highly doubt that. The remainder of the morning saw me pull it a few small flatties and trevally, while the live bait just continually swam back to the wharf even with me altering rig splits shotting trying to weight him down. Really my heart wasn't in it after the loss of the mystery fish. Having fished everywhere from th tubes to broome landbased a loss of a big fish like that still hits me far harder then any fish I've caught in any other method.

Location info:

Drive south from eden about 15 km on your way there is a petrol stations slash general store it offers frozn bait a small selection of terminal tackle and ice and food. It opens at 6am. The turn off for the wharf will be on your left called Redon road. The turn off is well sign posted. At the entrance is a big signs aging naval wharf closed or open. Look here first better yet call the harbour master before leaving home and ask if it's open. Drive down dero. Rd until you reach the turn off for the naval wharf. It's about 1km of walking on the wharf itself. You can access water level piers either side of the main wharf. I was fishing it in winter but in summer it is covered in baitfish either way bring burley in summer spinning for bonito Mack's and kings will get you a catch.

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