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Pittwater- Supermarket And Tomahawk Wreck


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Hey guys i have heard so much about the supermarket and tomahawk wrecks in pittwater but have no idea where they are, im on scotland island and would love to find these places as i have heard they produce the odd kings, any help would be much appreciated!!!

thanks guys

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Guest hottuna
If you live on Scotland Island, you must know Peter L. Talk to him.


Ive pulled kings from the moorings at scotland Is. 6kg is my best and won me (other specis ) in the hawkesbury classic 2 years ago.

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Some people are tight lipped about fishing spots. Peter L runs Estuary Fishing Charters and seems to know the spot. You would have to book a charter to most probably find out. He lives on Scotland Island also.

As for me I don’t know where they are.

Good luck


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