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batemans bay

fish fiend

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hello guys,

just heading down to batemans bay for the Christmas holidays and wounder if anyone has any marks for snapper/kings & also some good beaches (or area's) for an odd chance for a jewie. i will be posting my catches in the forms and am more than willing to message my marks ( when i manage to bump into reefs while doing my scans around batemans bay) to anyone that's interested.

also guys if anyone has any knowledge in which they can lend to me (in regards of best tides/ bait for the "big" snapper would be great), thanks.

Boat name; fish fiend.

thanks guys! :)

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Hi Fish fiend,

I assume your fishing from a boat. Have a look at the reef area due east of Richmond bommie (a bit south of south durras) at 35 42 108 150 19 338, the reef runs north south for 500m or so. Have a sound around the up current side of the reef and you should be able to find the schools of kingies during summer. Good snapper ground at times also. If you head south of the Bay towards Moruya there are a few reefs due east of Moruya River which hold good schools of king's etc. Don't have the marks at the moment. Hope this helps....


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dont have any marks but there are a couple of deep holes a few kms up river from the bridge that hold jew, perfect for when its too rough outside. i think its on the southern bank about 3kms from the bridge.

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