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Port Hacking - murky water


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Headed out early this morning, and fished the deeper water near Grays Point. Water was rather murky, could not see any hooked fish until they were just under the surface.

The bigger tailor that I was catching there over the last few weeks, when the water was very clear, were not about today.

The tailor are not much over the size limit, but better than nothing at all. Bitten off by 2 tailor, and returned a couple just under the limit. The bream is bigger than the tailor. Also dropped a trevally, bigger than the bream, when the hook pulled beside the boat.

The fish took pillies and fish strips, about sunrise the small reddies turned up, and after a little while, even they stopped biting.


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Good catch mate! Remember to keep an eye out for floating debris when out after these storms.

I hit a submerged log just out from Grays Point coming back in to the ramp last year after storms.


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