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Backing for reels with braid


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G'day raiders

Yesterday, I was taking the line off my big reel as it is completely ceased and not fixable because the spool is somehow corroded on the reel (yes, I clean my rods as soon as I get home and well to).

Anyway, I was changing my line which was still good (50lb colour change braid) which I put on another spare reel. No trouble with that but when it came to tying the line on the reel, I remember the backing and put about 5m or something like that on and then asked myself the question "I wonder how much backing mono line I need" and couldn't answer or remember myself. Then I thought I would ask you guys. Also what lb line I should be using as backing for 50lb braid. I used 25lb.

Any feedback appreciated

Cheers thefisherman6784

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