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rockfishing - pigs and trevs


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Hi all,

Headed out early this morning with two mates out onto the rocks in the northern beaches.

A bit of rain never stopped us and we headed for a sheltered spot as the seas were quite rough.

Started fishing around 6:30 am using bread, squid strips and prawns as bait.

10 minutes in my mate gets busted off immediately. 5 minutes later I'm onto a drummer - after a bit of fiddling with the net we finally land it at around 43-44cm mark. Nice and fat. Dinner is solved for me and anything else caught was a bonus for me.

Next begins one of the craziest sessions where all three of us are confined to a 15m ledge.

Trevallies galore all around the mids 30cm mark. One of my mates had a field day with drummer landing another 4 with the biggest being around 45cm and the rest in the high 30s.

Also caught a nice luderick as a by catch.

In about three hours we tallied 5 black drummer, 1 silver drummer, 8 trevallies and 1 luderick (among a number of bustoffs). We took a group photo and then released unwanted fish to fight another day.

Normally we fish around 5 hrs but today we gave ourselves an early mark. Was a great day and perfect conditions (aside from a bit of rain) and everyone was catching fish which was great. Definitely a memorable session.





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Sounds like a fun session. Seems like the conditions have turned the fish on the chew, we had a great few hours on friday also.

Conditions were great for fishing. Rough enough to generate enough white wash and a gentle breeze. Overcast conditions also helped.

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