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First time heading to Murray River

frankie machine

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Hey Raiders,

Sister has just moved to down to Corowa and the house she's in backs right on to Murray River - and has a tasty looking pontoon off the bank. Heading down to visit in October and wondering if worth throwing in the fishing rod for that time of year? Have never fished freshwater before, so any advice on lures, set-ups etc would be appreciated. Have got various 6 to 7 foot rods set up for flathead, bream, aussie salmon etc.


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Frankie I think your going to be seeing a lot more of your sister now! watch the rules there are a lot of restrictions different to salt water, the fish are fewer & longer between bites but fresh water fish are much nicer (I,M,O. but I was born in Corowa and spent a lot of my life on the Murray & Murrenbidge)

Still October will be good for yellow Belly (golden Perch)

as for gear when I go down there I use med/light rod with about 10 to 15lb line & a paternoster rig with about 4/0 hooks. Not sure if its the ideal outfit but Ive outfished the relo's the last couple of trips.

Thers plenty of snags down there so be ready the fish will head for a snag as soon as its hooked!


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G'day Frankie Machine. You will need a NSW fishing license as the Murray is a NSW waterway. Murray Cod are out of season between Sept 1 and Nov 30 so Yellowbelly are the go as the water temp rises. Good baits are small yabbies and also worm and shrimp (on the same hook). 2 hook paternoster rigs work well and I usually have 1/0 or 2/0 hooks. You are only allowed 2 rods, too. Casting in near submerged stumps or overhanging trees ,then bobbing the bait up and down will usually get the yellas interested. When the Murray Cod season starts again they are fairly easy to catch on the same rig but with cubes of tasty cheese (or Cheddar). Cast into the current with a size 1 or 2 ball sinker and the rig will drift round to where the water flow lessens. This is where the fish hang out. Familiarise yourself with the difference between Murray Cod and Trout Cod, as the latter are a protected species. Good luck Big Neil.

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